Roman Catholic Christmass in Lviv. In English.

24.12.2013_УКУ_святвечір_2In the evening on the 24th of December, 2015 the Roman catholic Parish of st John Paul II invite everybody to join the open celebration of the Christmas Eve according to Gregorian calendar in the building of the Ukrainian Catholic University (Khutorivka str. 35a).

During the Christmas Eve the guests share the Christmas bread („oplatek”) with each other

In a broad circle of our friends we would like to spend Christmas in the way we celebrate it at home and to share this treasure with others. Thecelebration will begin on the 24th of December, 2015 with the blessing of the figures of the nativity scene during the evening. Sharing the Christmas bread (“oplatek”) we will give each other the most sincere wishes. The holy flame will be brought from Bethlehem. Also, singing the carols, the participants of the Roman Christmas will be able to create handmade Christmas decorations.

Traditional solemn Christmas Mass – the Sherperds’ Mass – will begin at midnight

The particular feature of our Christmas celebrations in Lviv is the participation of students from the African countries, who are studying in Lviv. They will share with us their own national Christmas traditions. During the night Mass a baby of the Nigerian-Ukrainian couple will be baptized.

For the English speaking guests translation will be provided.24.12.2013_УКУ_святвечір_9

We invite everybody to share with us the joy of the Christmas days, the joy that is bringing together all the people of good will all over the world.
Program of the holiday:


December 24, 2015

20.00-21.00 concert of Jewish music (Nataliya Vakshynska)

21.00 ChristmasEve: bringing of the Bethlehem light, singing of carols, sharing the Christmas bread (“oplatek”), Christmas Eve meal

24.00 The Sherperds’ Mass

After the Mass the buses will be provided






December, 25,  Mass at 10.00

To see, how was the Roman Christmas celebrated in previous years, you may watch the video records:

Contact person: fr. Gregory Draus 097 51 70 642


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